Thursday, September 15, 2016

Exercising Your Right

Many passionate volunteers have gathered in the food pantry over the past couple weeks eager to help the Hub community exercise our right to vote. Stamps and envelopes have been bought, education boards have been made, and signs have been drawn up.

This year the Hub wants to offer an opportunity to vote. In order to do this we are providing voter registration and education. There are two different ways you can register this year. Paper forms are available to be filled out along with envelopes and stamps, in order to mail out completed forms. If you are in a hurry, forms are available to take home.

Not sure who to vote for? Some of the Hub's interns have made a balanced, nonpartisan  informational board regarding the different candidates running in the 2016 election and their platforms. A packet is also available to take home which offers the same information.

Not sure if you are already registered? There is an online website where you can check whether you are already register. This website also provides a lot more information regarding the election. Name and addresses changes may also be made online or through the form.

Not sure if you want to vote? Even if you are not interested in voting in the Presidential election, it is possible to choose to focus your ballot on local candidates.

Not sure if you will be available the day of the election? Absentee ballots are available at the Hub along with registration forms. These can be filled out by anyone who is not able to be present to vote on the day of the election. Information will be provided on where and when you can vote early.

Stop by the Hub and register today!