Monday, October 23, 2017

Food Day 2017


The Hub is celebrating our annual Food Day celebration, complete with an urban agriculture demo, a canning demo, kid-friendly activities and lots of pie!

Food Day is a national celebration of food, focusing on health and fairer food policies. The idea behind food day is simple: promoting healthier, affordable and ecofriendly food for all Americans. With our country's resources, there's no excuse for underfed or unhealthy populations. Food Day also highlights one of Mother Hubbard's central mantras: food is a basic human right that everyone should have easy access to.

You can take Food Day as an opportunity to change your perspective on food policies, start eating healthy, or begin educating yourself on food justice. Everyone is welcome to join our celebration, so feel free to bring your friends and family too!

We want to celebrate food in all its glory. That's why we're coming together as a community, discussing issues, and enjoying a delicious slice of pie at our Food Day!

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We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Need to enroll in the ACA?

At the Hub, we know that access to affordable healthcare is vital to those experiencing food insecurity.

Because of recent budget cuts, enrollment for the Affordable Care Act has become more difficult this year due to the lack of regional health directors' involvement. Spreading the word for ACA enrollment has been a struggle for a lot of government officials, so we at the Hub wanted to help in any way that we can in raising awareness for the specific dates you can enroll.

This year, enrollment is open from November 1st to December 15th. According to Get America Covered,  8 out of 10 qualify for financial help, with premiums starting from $50 to $100, and there could be even more savings for individuals who can't afford these options.

Unfortunately, will be taken down from midnight to noon every Sunday, so if you're wanting to enroll, this site can't be used at those times.

This link can direct you to a list of Certified Navigators in Monroe County, who can help you choose a health care plan: 
Or you could contact Nancy Woolery at 812-349-3851 or

Another local resource you can use is Covering Kids and Families of South Central Community Action Program (SCCAP). You can contact Katie Rodriguez for help with enrollment at 812-339-3447, or at

For a full list of local resources, go to 

It's important that everyone has access to health care, and you can help people become aware of the current policies by sharing this information with those who may not know about them. Help us spread the word about enrolling for the ACA this year!