Here's where to find a list of "how to" guides and other resources for growing your own food.

Getting Started 

Why Garden?
So, You're Starting a Garden...
A Complete Home Gardener's Guide

Gardening Basics
Planting Calendar for Bloomington
Days to Maturity for Common Vegetables 
Plant Spacing Chart 
Companion Planting
When to Harvest Your Vegetables

Health for Gardeners 

Garden for Health and Wellness
Stretches for Gardeners
Stretching and Fitness for Gardeners 

Soil Building

Cover Crop Basics
Cover Crop Chart and List of Individual Cover Crops' Benefits

Indoor Growing/ Container Growing
Microgreens: Tiny and Tasty
Growing Salad Greens Indoors
Sprouting Seeds for Year-Round Fresh Veggies
Container Gardening Handout 

Seed Starting

Garlic in the Garden
Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Potato Harvestin'
Beautiful and Bountiful Basil
Colorful Carrots
Tomatoes - Pruning for Better Fruits
Tomatoes - 3 Ways to Trellis Tomatoes
Tomatoes - A Home Gardener's Complete Guide
Growing Cucumbers, Melons, Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds
Garden Troubles
Nightmares of Bindweed
Plant Disease - Preventing, Identifying, and Treating
Troubleshooting Pests
Managing Weeds in the Garden
Managing Pests with Homemade Sprays
Keeping Deer out of the Garden

Season Extension
Season Extension Gardening
Fall Growing
Low Tunnels and Cold Frames
How To Build a Low Tunnel
Early Spring Gardening
Putting Your Garden to Bed

Seed Saving
Basic Guidelines for Seed Saving
A Complete Guide to Seed Saving
Information on Common Vegetables Saved for Seed
How to Save Seed for Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants
Seed Saving Packet

Wild Edibles

Identifying Common Wild Edibles
Lucille's Wild Edible Recipes

Tool Care and Maintenance 
Sharpening Garden Tools

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!
Attracting Good Bugs to the Garden
How to Build a Native Bee Habitat
Identifying Garden Bugs
Dealing with Bad Bugs

Flowers in the Garden

Why Plant Flowers in your Vegetable Garden?
Flower Blooming Time Chart

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