Monday, June 29, 2015

Colorful Carrots

Think carrots can only be orange? Think again! 
All these beauties are delicious, garden-grown carrots - yellow, orange, red and white! 

To grow carrots: For a spring/summer crop, sow seeds into your garden soil 3 weeks before the last expected frost. For a fall crop, sow 2-3 months before the first expected crop, or sow later and plan on utilizing heavy mulch or a low tunnel! 

Once your seeds have germinated, thin them to 3 or 4 inches apart (be thorough! crowded carrots will be crooked!)

Harvest carrots when the tops seem large and are protruding from the soil. Though they can be eaten at any size, larger carrots tend to have more taste - so be patient! If you pull one out, and it isn't fully mature, let the rest keep growing to their full size. 

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