Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Frozen Diced Tomatoes

Easier than canning them, but you do need freezer space. Wash, core, peel and dice your tomatoes into a big bowl. Or chunk them. It doesn’t matter. I usually just quarter them, unless they’re especially big. Sort of smoosh them down a bit, and add some seasonings if you like. (I usually don’t – I wait until I’m cooking to season them.) Drain them, and put the drained tomatoes into jars, freezer containers, or plastic freezer bags. Add some of the juice, then close up the container and refrigerate until cold. Then freeze them, and use them later just as you would canned tomatoes. Be sure you leave at least half an inch of empty space, or head room, at the top of jars and freezer containers, to allow for the contents to expand as they freeze, and don’t screw the lids on tightly until the tomatoes have frozen. That way, if they expand more than there’s room for in the jar, the lid can be pushed up a bit instead of the jar breaking.

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