Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tomato, Cucumber and Pepper Salad

1 cucumber
4 medium tomatoes
1 medium or ½ large red or green bell pepper
¼ c sour cream
1-2 t sugar equivalent
1-2 t vinegar
Salt and pepper

Cut the cucumber into fourths lengthwise, then slice about ½” thick. If you’re using a supermarket cucumber, you might want to peel it to get rid of the wax that was probably put on it to keep it fresh. You don’t need to do this with cukes from the Farmers Market. You could have scraped the seeds out before you sliced the cucumber if you wanted to. Core the tomatoes and cut them into pieces about the same size as the cucumber pieces. Core the pepper and remove the seeds and membranes. Cut it into pieces about the same size as the cucumber and tomatoes. Combine the veggies, and add the sour cream, sweetener, vinegar, salt and pepper. You may want to add a bit more sweetener or a bit more vinegar, but just a tiny bit of either.

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