Thursday, January 3, 2013

Orange Chicken

(based on a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens Meat Cook Book, 1969)

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (1-1/2 lbs)
1/4 c frozen orange juice concentrate (just the concentrate, not made into juice)
2 T butter or margarine
1/2 t ground ginger

Put the chicken breasts in a shallow, foil-lined baking pan. (The foil is because the orange juice will burn and be hard to get out of the pan.) Combine the orange juice concentrate, butter and ginger. Heat it (the 1969 recipe says in a saucepan, but I think a microwave would work better, if you have one), and pour it over the chicken. Bake about 20 minutes at 350, or until the chicken is done. Put the chicken in a serving bowl, then stir the pan drippings to blend. Pour the sauce over the chicken or serve it separately.

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