Thursday, March 7, 2013

Swai Nuggets a la Hilda and Howard

When I lived in Northern California, I lived right on the coast. I could see the tops of the fishing boats from my office windows. Salmon was big around there, both with sports fishermen and commercial fishermen. I was fortunate to have some friends who were avid (and successful!) salmon fishermen, and I ate a lot more of it than I would have if I had had to buy it. My favorite way of cooking the salmon was my friend’s method of marinating it in soy sauce, brown sugar and fresh ginger. I suppose it’s sort of a teriyaki treatment. It works for other fish, too, as in this recipe for SWAI NUGGETS A LA HILDA AND HOWARD. Fresh ginger is best in it, but you can use powdered if that’s all you have. Or Chinese Five Spice Powder. I think Kikkoman is the best soy sauce, but that may just be because that’s the kind I grew up with. Did you know that most soy sauce has wheat in it? Be sure to read the label carefully if you’re sensitive to wheat.

2 lbs Swai nuggets
1 c soy sauce
2 – 4 T brown sugar (I like it extra sweet, myself)
1 T grated or minced fresh ginger
1 T oil (not needed if you use an oily fish like salmon)

Combine soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger and oil in a zip lock bag. Mix well, making sure that the brown sugar is all dissolved. Add the fish and marinate for about half an hour. Cook it however you like – nuke it for a few minutes, or bake it for about 10 minutes, or broil it. Or, if you have a grill basket, you can grill it, which is the way Howard used to cook the salmon.

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