Saturday, March 16, 2013

Which Spuds for You?

Idaho potatoes, sometimes called “russets” because of their color, are best for baking. Their skin is rougher and the flesh is mealy or floury when cooked. They tend to sort of dissolve a bit when they’re boiled. Idaho potatoes are oval in shape and can weigh up to a pound, though about six ounces is more common, at least when you buy the bags of them. 

Red potatoes have smoother, red skin and are rounder. They are better for boiling because they hold together better. Their flesh is said to more “waxy” or firm. They are usually smaller than Idaho potatoes. Red potatoes are usually preferred for potato salad and in corned beef dinners.

You know those wonderful roasted potatoes that Kayte fixed a couple of weeks ago? Those were red potatoes. The roasted potatoes she fixed a couple of months ago? They were Idahos.  

When we lived in Idaho, we used Idaho potatoes for everything and they worked just fine. Red potatoes, though, don’t make very good baked potatoes.

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