Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Saving the Seed

What do you see here? 

   A tomato
               Sandwich inspiration?

What if it could be so much more?

Last week, we hosted our community seed saving workshop at the Hub, where our seed-savvy leaders, Kendra and Hannah, revealed the magical potential held within the heart of this single fruit. This tomato holds upwards of 50 seeds, all with the potential energy to become tomato-bearing plants themselves.  Hundreds of tomatoes at our fingertips! 

It's not just tomatoes that hold this incredible potential. 

It's squash and cucumbers, it's potatoes and flowers! 

Kendra and Hannah showed the group how, with some very basic materials, nearly any fruit, vegetable, herb or flower from the garden (or sometimes even the grocery store) can multiply into much much more!

Beyond walking us through the logistics of saving seeds, they also gave the scientific background on how different types of seeds work!

Ever thought about your plants being male or female? Considered the role of bees?  Sometimes you might even have to help pollinate the plants yourself! And working with hybrids can be quite the gamble! It seems that planting your own seeds can provide you with an intimate insight into how Nature does her work!

In addition to giving the run-down on how to harvest and store seeds and what to keep in mind when planting them, Kendra and Hannah also took a moment to showcase our very own seed saving library! Imagine these colorful little drawers filled with endless potential! You can take what you need and you can share what you have! This is where community really comes into the mix!

Look at this adorable source of 
seed diversity
food security, and community strength!

Come on by to check it out, take some seeds, ask some questions, and continue to develop the beautiful community we are all building together here!

Let's all put that bloom in Bloomington!  :)

And join us for our next garden workshop, Wild Edibles! Tuesday, September 20th! 1:30-3:00 pm! 
Or our next kitchen workshop, Fermentation! Wednesday, September 14th, 6:00-8:00 pm!

And click here and here and here and here and HERE for some great seed saving resources 
so you can be part of the fun! 

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