Thursday, July 18, 2013


Breadcrumbs can be made out of any kind of bread and can be either soft (fresh) or dry. Dry breadcrumbs are used for breading foods and make a crispy coating. Soft breadcrumbs make a softer crust or stuffing.

To make dry breadcrumbs, start with stale bread (it can be very stale) and dry in a slow oven (200 degrees) until very dry. Let cool completely, then process in a blender or food processor, or break into pieces, put in a plastic bag, and crush with a rolling pin. Add seasoning if you like. Some Italian Herbs added to the bread before it’s processed turns plain breadcrumbs into Italian seasoned breadcrumbs.

To make soft breadcrumbs, start with slightly stale bread and dry it just a bit in a 200 degree oven. Process it in a blender or a food processor; a rolling pin won’t work. Season it if desired.

To make fresh breadcrumbs, start with fresh bread and don’t dry it in the oven. Process it in a food processor or blender (a rolling pin won’t work) and season as desired.

It depends on the size of your slices, of course, but figure on about four slices of bread to make one cup of dry bread crumbs or three slices of bread to make a cup of soft breadcrumbs.

You may be able to substitute crushed crackers, pretzels, stuffing mix, cornflakes, etc., depending on the recipe. Old fashioned oatmeal can be used instead of breadcrumbs in meatloaf and similar dishes. If you avoid grains, finely crushed pork rinds work.

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