Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tomatoes - Red, Ripe and Juicy

Summer’s over. Doesn’t seem possible, but so it is. Highs in the 60s later this week? Yikes!

There are still tomatoes at the Farmers Market, though, and on the tomato plant in my garden. Might as well take advantage of them while we can!

We’re getting to the end of the picnic/BBQ/grilling season, too. CHEESE TOPPED GRILLED TOMATOES, with blue cheese and bread crumbs, is a great way to celebrate both the end of the picnics and BBQs and of the tomatoes.

ZUCCHINI, TOMATO AND SWISS CHEESE PIE is a quiche sort of thing, with veggies, eggs, milk and cheese. Eat it for breakfast or with a salad for lunch or a light supper. Or, for another take on zucchini and tomatoes, try TOMATO AND ZUCCHINI SALAD, topped with feta or mozzarella.

If the only pasta sauce you’ve had came out of a can, even it was doctored up with meat and herbs, you’re in for a real treat with RAW TOMATO SAUCE. Just garlic, olive oil, fresh basil (not dried!), and the very freshest and ripest of summer’s best tomatoes. Yumm!

In a couple of weeks I’ll talk about what to do with green tomatoes, but let’s enjoy them vine-ripened as long as possible.

---Mary Anne---

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