Thursday, June 13, 2013

Meagan's No Fail Yogurt

(this is the recipe they use at the Hub)


1 quart of milk (they use raw milk at the Hub, but pasteurized should work as well, whole milk makes the creamiest yogurt)
1 tablespoon of yogurt starter culture (get it free through the Hub's Tool Share program)
2 quart pot
wooden spoon
food thermometer

1.      Pour milk into pot and heat slowly on medium-low. Meanwhile, heat oven to 170°.   Heat milk to 115° for raw milk yogurt (this is likely to be runny, but it will still set.  Skip to step 3 if you choose this option).  Heat milk to 180° for thick yogurt. 
2.      Set warm milk into sink of cool water or let sit until cooled to 115°.
3.      Once milk temperature is down to 115°, pour warm milk into a quart jar.
4.      Spoon a bit of the warm milk from the jar (maybe 2-3 tablespoons) into small bowl with yogurt starter and stir well.  Once starter and milk are well mixed, pour into jar of milk.
5.      Set jar in oven and turn off oven heat. If it is below 50°F outside, kick oven on for 5 minutes, every hour or so.
6.      Let yogurt set for 3-12 hours, the longer it sits, the more sour the yogurt.
7.      Store in the refrigerator.

                  Cost of Homemade Yogurt at Various Milk Prices 
 Price per  Cost per Cost per Cost per   
 Gallon of  Quart of 8 oz Cup 5 oz Cup   
 Milk  Yogurt of Yogurt of Yogurt 
       1.88       0.47       0.12       0.07

       2.00       0.50       0.13       0.08

       2.25       0.56       0.14       0.09         
       2.50       0.63       0.16       0.10         
       2.75       0.69       0.17       0.11

       3.00       0.75       0.19       0.12    

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